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A Day in the Life of a Missionary

By Robert Robinson

There is no such thing as a typical day in my life as a missionary.  So I will tell you about one day while traveling in the state of West Bengal to the Sunderban Island to what is known as G plot island.


 5:00 am

Awoke to prepare for the journey. Packed a small bag with water, flashlight (crank type which does not use batteries) some hand sanitizer, a bit of food-crackers, granola, a change of clothing, light jacket which had the zipper broken and a candy bar

5:30 am - We hired a taxi to take us to the train station at Shelda South. There we bought a train ticket to a station 2 hours from the Sunderban Islands-The train ticket cost us 20 cents


5:50 am

When the train arrived, we rushed to get a seat by one of the windows

6 am - Train pulled out of the station. The treasurer H. Lakra was with me and he provided us with breakfast-Chapati with beans, and a banana. On the train, people try to sell all sorts of items to the passengers-food, clothing etc. So there is lots of shouting and singing and beggars of all sorts. Before the last train stop to our destination, I saw one man selling children's stocking caps.  Since I was cold, I made it fit on my head.  I also wished that the zipper on my coat was fixable, but did not think so. The train ride was three hours.


9:00 am

At the station we hired a bicycle to carry us to the shipping docks.  It took him 40 minutes to peddle us to our destination


9:40 am

We bought a boat ticket for 10 cents. After waiting for the gate to open to get on the boat, we all rushed forward to find a place to sit.  The late comers will have to stand for 1 hour.  We rushed down a bridge towards the boat which was 4 ft wide to a dock where the boat is waiting to be loaded. The boats hold 500 people.


11:00 am

Arriving on Sagardeep Island, we are met by the Gospel Outreach Worker. We then bargained to rent a taxi for $10. We are then taken to each of the three churches on the Island and met with some of the members and staff workers. Here the timing gets hazing. We returned to the boat dock and again took the ship back to the other side. Suffice it to say, the day was taken up with all kinds of travel experiences and visits to churches.


This is what was packed into the rest of the afternoon:

·         We took a bus ride to another village to get on another boat going to another Island. The bus was crowded and had people hanging out the side and on top of the bus. It only cost 10 cents for the ride.

·         At the end of the bus ride we walked a mile to the river side and took a boat across the river.  Because of the rise and fall of the tides one has to be careful about slipping on the steps of the walk ways which use to be under water a few hours before. It only cost 2 cents to cross the river by this boat and it was small - holding 40 people, but we had 70 on board, so it was close to the water line.

·         On the other side we walked 1/2 mile and then found a motor cycle to take us on our journey.  Just before getting on the bike, I noticed a shop selling a wool scarf, so I bought if for one dollar and put it around my neck.

·         We rode on the motorbike platform for an hour and half, checking different churches on the Island

·         Next we took another boat to G plot Island.  This Island is the last civilization just before the bay of Bengal.  Just before getting on the boat I noticed a shop which sold zippers.  So I showed the man my coat and he was able to fix it.

·         The boat ride to G Plot Island took us 4 hours.  It was cold and windy,  But God had provided me with a stocking cap, a coat with a zipper and a wool scarf.

9:00 pm

We arrived at the Island and hired a bicycle to take us to see a location of land to construct a church.  G plot Island has solar light and it is all turned off by 10 pm.  The bike ride was a 7 mile trip down grade and up hill coming back. After visiting the site we arrived back at the boat at 1 am. 

1:00 am

On the boat ride back about 2 hours out, we got stranded on a sand bar and had to sleep in the cold during the night waiting for the fog to lift and for the tide to raise the boat off the sand bar.

6:00 am


Arrived back and headed back to Calcutta at 9 am.


This may not sound typical but for me each day is filled to the limit and with a variety of activities…advancing the cause of God wherever possible.


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