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Mission Highlights

Highlight:  Historical Missionaries  

Hudson Taylor at the age of 21 (left)

Hudson Taylor knew he wanted to serve the Lord at a young age.  After much prayer and searching, Hudson knew in his heart that God had called him to share the Gospel to the Chinese.  He immediately started studying medicine and the Chinese language. By the age of 21, he was impatient to embark and took a six-month boat ride to China.  He set up housekeeping in China and continued to study Chinese until he was fluent in the language.

Hudson suffered many personal tragedies.  His wife and three children died.  When he went back to England to check on his older children, he met Jennie and married her.  She returned with him to China.  Due to a pamphlet that he wrote about the need for missionaries in China, 70 missionaries went to this land of unbelievers. 

Over the years, Hudson came to realize that the best way to reach the people of China was to dress and live like them.  He started the Chinese Inland Mission, and these missionaries chose to live with the people, instead of separate from them.  During the Boxer Rebellion, many CIM missionaries were tortured and killed.  Yet, the burden on Hudson’s heart for the people of China was as great as ever. Although Hudson’s health was poor in later life and he could not remain in China, he died there while on a trip to Zhenjiang and was buried there with his first wife.

Highlight:  Real Missionaries

Sunday Pastor Becomes Gospel Outreach Worker

Pastor Joshua wasn’t very happy. He’d just learned that another pastor was going to hold evangelistic meetings in his village. Rumor had it that this new pastor said people should worship on Saturday instead of Sunday—and he had a lot of other strange teach­ings. Pastor Joshua decided that he and some of his members should go to the meetings. He wanted to know how to refute these strange teach­ings and protect his members from being led astray.

When the meetings started, Pas­tor Joshua and his spies were in the crowd. The speaker was Pastor J. J. Christian. The spies were in for a surprise. The message was dif­ferent from anything they had ever heard before. It was clear. Bible texts supported everything. They waited for the meeting that would be about keeping Saturday instead of Sunday. Surely the Bible did not support that. 

But when the Saturday-Sunday question came up, they discovered there was all kinds of evidence from the Bible that the true Sabbath was the seventh day, Saturday, and not Sunday as they had always under­stood. In fact, when Pastor Joshua started looking for a biblical basis for worshiping on Sunday, he couldn’t find any at all. Puzzled, he went to Pastor Christian’s house and began asking him question after question.

One by one, Pastor Christian answered every question with Bible texts. Pastor Christian then invited Pastor Joshua to come to church every Saturday. During the next three months, Pastor Joshua became fascinated with the new light he was gaining directly from the Bible. Texts like “If ye love me, keep my com­mandments” (John 14:15) led him into new understandings of what God wants us to do.

Pastor Joshua continued studying attending the Sabbath School and worship services. Finally, after four years, Pastor Joshua, his wife and children were all baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Today, Pastor Joshua is a Gospel Outreach worker. All of his former church members are now Adventists too. And he’s working earnestly to bring as many more to the Adventist faith as he can.

as told to Daniel Walter by Joshua Wxy

Taken from Adventures in Misisons, June 2009, p. 4

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Our prayer project this month is to pray for the SULAD missionaries in the remote villages of the southern Philippines.  Many are working among people who believe in spirits.  But God is more powerful than any spirit.  Pray that God’s power is close to these missionaries each day.





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