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What Are Kids Doing?

A few years ago, five children from the Zillah, Washington Seventh-day Adventist church decided they wanted to help native evangelists reach people for Jesus in their home countries.  These native evangelists must often walk 10-15 miles to reach a village.  The children decided to raise money to buy bicycles for these workers so that more people could hear about Jesus.  They thought they had set a large goal to raise $1,000.   But God’s plans are always bigger than ours.  By the time they had finished with various fund-raisers, the children had raised $2,100.  Gospel Outreach was able to buy 40 bicycles with this money.  Imagine how many more people will hear about Jesus now that  40 evangelists  have bicycles to help them reach the scattered villages in their homelands.


What Can Adults Do?


Listen to your children’s ideas about missions

Decide on a family savings goal to help Gospel Outreach send native evangelists to unreached areas of the 10/40 window..  $10-$20 a month is a goal many families can easily strive for.  

Click play to watch a short one minute video on the 10/40 window.





Gospel Outreach Missionary Box (left. more info at the link below)


Why not write to GO now and ask for a Missionary Box (will open in a new window).


Other fund raising ideas:

With each family saving up their spare change, the offering will add up quickly. Just deposit your coins at your local bank and write a check to GO for the amount.  You can even designate a special project or choose to sponsor a missionary.

  • Have a family yard sale and donate some of the money to Gospel Outreach.

    Teach your children the joy of giving by paying them for odd jobs around the house that they can then give to help spread the news about Jesus to unreached people groups around the world.

    When your family goes out to eat, choose to drink water instead of ordering soft drinks or juice.  Use the money saved to help with missions.



Sabbath School or School Teachers  

Kids united for mission

Class Mission Project for Gospel Outreach

Each quarter, set up a special mission project for your Sabbath School or class. Get kids involved in learning about the region of the world where your project is located.  Find someone in the community who has some typical clothing from that region of the world or download pictures from the Internet.  Learn about the culture.  What do the people eat?  Download recipes from that culture and have a potluck where everyone contributes with special ingredients and dishes.  Encourage children to engage in special individual savings plans (saving up spare change, donating the money their parents would spend on their lunch snacks for a week, holding a bake sale) in order to raise money for the project.  Have a goal of how much your group will raise and keep track along the way.  Plan an exciting way to donate the money when the goal is reached (write a special letter that all the kids sign to go along with the check; invite someone from the organization to which you are donating to come and address the class and accept the money).


Use the form below to plan and coordinate a mission project with Gospel Outreach:

Click here to download the form below in PDF format

1. How many students are in this class?______________________


2.      What year or age group is being instructed?________________


3.      Would you be interested in receiving a mission DVD? Yes____ No____


4.      Would your class be interested in sponsoring:


a.       Evangelists ($150/month) Number of evangelists you wish to sponsor for one month______________


b.      Bicycles ($50) Number of bicycles you wish to sponsor_______________


c.       MegaVoice solar powered Bibles (groups can listen to them). ($35) Number of MegaVoice Bibles you wish to sponsor______________


d.      Bibles ($5) Number of Bibles you wish to sponsor________________


5.      Would you like to receive missionary savings boxes? How many?________


6.      Any other comments:










Please return this form to Gospel Outreach at least 3 months before you plan to  run the mission project.


Gospel Outreach

PO Box 8

College Place, WA 99324




A Gospel Outreach local evangelist

Encourage your Sabbath School leaders to work on a church-wide mission project together.  Plan special events where missionaries come and share with the congregation and the Sabbath School classes.  Plan special church-wide fundraising events.

Plan a local mission project where families can get involved to help clean up a neighborhood, contribute food to a homeless shelter, gather clothing and school supplies for needy kids in the community.


List of Things a Group can Sponsor

Your kids’ group can sponsor the ministry of Gospel Outreach in the following ways:




Bible in a native language


Sabbath School supplies in native language


Evangelistic supplies


MegaVoice solar powered Bible in more than 40 languages.  It can be heard by up to 20 people in a small group


Bicycle for native evangelist.  Evangelists often have to travel many miles between villages.  A bicycle means they can reach more people


Literacy school per month for a group of 25

Approx. $75-100

Native evangelist

$150/month (average)


Sponsor a Missionary

You can sponsor a Gospel Outreach evangelist like this man

Gospel Outreach is completely voluntary.  The only money that is used for personnel is the money that goes to the native evangelists working in the field.  Gospel Outreach trains and hires these local evangelists to spread the Gospel message in their own lands and in th

eir own languages.  These local missionaries understand the culture and the people among whom they work.  Currently, Gospel Outreach has 2,600 native missionaries working all across the 10/40 Window in countries like India, China, the Philippines, Myanmar (Burma), and many other lands. 

 Their expenses are small, enabling Gospel Outreach to sponsor more missionaries in more places. The cost to sponsor one of these native missionaries is $150.

 To sponsor a missionary, write or call Gospel Outreach.

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