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Interested in exploring more about Missions?  Below you will find links to other web sites.  When you click on one of these links, it will take you out of our site to another web page.  We believe these are good sites with helpful information about missions.  However, we have no control over what is on anyone else’s web site.  Not all web sites are good or safe.  So you should always check with your parent or teacher before visiting web sites you are not sure about or before you contact anyone on the Internet.

Links to other Adventist Sites

Adventist Mission. Check out Adventist mission.  View mission clips for kids and check out kids activities about a featured mission field each quarter! There are great mission stories here, too.

Adventist Frontier Missions.  Learn more about the special missionaries who go into places where the good news about Jesus has never been shared.

Adventist World Radio.  Want to learn how technology is being used to tell people about Jesus?  Check out AWR.

Adventist Missionaries: Do they still Go?  An article in Adventist World that highlights actual missionaries.

Maranatha Volunteers International.  Making a difference through building projects around the world

Holbrook Indian School. Check out their newsletter for stories about native American kids learning and growing in Jesus.

McDonald Road SDA has real children's stories in audio and podcasts


Mission Resources

Teaching Mission to Kids Directory.  A place where teachers and parents can find misson resources

Christian Heroes--Stories about Christian Heroes. This is their list of missionaries.

Country Information

UNICEF-- Information by country.  Find out how children live in different countries.

World Almanac for Kids.  Check out the "Nations" link to learn about different countries.

CIA World Fact Book. Statistics and facts about nations of the world

Portals of the World.  Library of Congress site that give information about countries.



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